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[ Fan Fiction ] NC-17 , My Pain, Your Thrill - Of the Sun and Moon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[ Fan Fiction ] NC-17 , My Pain, Your Thrill [Mar. 26th, 2006|02:35 pm]
[mood |accomplished]
[music |Groove Coverage - Poison]

Title: My Pain , Your thrill
Pairing (if any):
Homura/ Sanzo
Rating:* NC-17
Summary: Sanzo is captured by Homura and The War Prince has ways of making him beg. To be continued, perhaps.
Warnings:**  Involves sexual ministrations
Crossposted: saiyuki

First time writing for this pairing, so hopefully they've cooperated with me. First time poster here as well, so it is nice to meet you all : ). I love to
get feed back, so feed back is appreciated ^^ Also, I know grammar isn't my friend from time to time and I spell checked this front and back, so if there
are any mistakes... my apologies.

The room was dark and empty save for streams of sunlight that wafted through the windows. Water dripped from the ceiling as if it were slowly counting the seconds while dispersing into a puddle.

He groaned, violet eyes opening slowly, half-mast for the time being. How long had he been there? He was not sure. All he could hear was the ungodly sound of dripping water.  He recalled confrontation with Homura and everything went black.

“That… bastard.” he breathed between a light cough. His wrists felt cold, chains adorned them now, heavy and clanking when he tried to move.  He slumped a little and pulled forward on the chains, tempted to break free.

“There’s no sense in struggling, Konzen. You’re pretty much stuck there, so your efforts are futile.” Homura claimed as he approached. His smooth, drawn out voice made Sanzo tense. The last person he wanted to be alone in a darkened room with, and there he was.

“The hell do you want?” Sanzo seethed, eyes narrowing and glinting murderously. Homura tsked; bi-colored eyes met Sanzo’s cold ones.

“Such vanity.” he scoffed, smirking as he drew nearer. There was nothing better than to ruffle, Konzen’s, no, Sanzo’s feathers.  After all, Sanzo being bound and spouting out threats, left Homura unfazed.

“You know, Konzen, you don’t scare me.” Homura said softly while placing a hand close to Sanzo’s face, closing the distance between them.  Homura claimed the sutra whilst Sanzo slept; unconsciousness did not seem poetic enough.

Exotic airs that surrounded, Sanzo, attracted Homura to him. It was not just the fact that he was Son Goku’s owner, on the contrary, what an easy way to get the boy then through the mother-figure himself.

Sanzo tensed as Homura pressed closer, his gaze growing murderous. “Tch, Don’t get cocky.” He breathed, feeling Homura’s breath on his cheek. The bluish-black haired man was too close for comfort.

Homura whispered in his ear, which caused him to become even more uncomfortable. Sweet-nothings meant nothing to him, especially not from Homura.  “Does it bother you, Konzen?” he questioned, breathlessly. He knew how to get under his skin.

He grew quiet, unsure. However, he refused to answer.

“Very well, then.”

The refusal was more than enough to get Homura started. He merely smirked as he leaned forward and nibble on Sanzo’s earlobe. Violet eyes widened as a moan passed through his lips.

Sanzo swore inwardly as he felt Homura’s hands do some exploring.  One hand caressed his chest while the other searched lower.

He tensed, suddenly when uncouth fingers cupped his crotch. Drawing in a shuddering breath, violet eyes went wide. Definitely not, what he was expecting.  He yanked against the chains, gasping as he felt himself start to grow hard, slowly under Homura’s quick fingers.

“What’s wrong, Konzen?”

Homura questioned, pressing his palm against it. Not aiming for torture, the war prince wanted the blonde-priest to beg. He wanted Sanzo to want him.

After a moment of toying, Homura pulled back, sneering. He could feel a heart-less gaze wash over him, but ignored it. This was all far too amusing to pass up. It was just him, Konzen and an empty room.

Sanzo refused to respond. He knew what Homura wanted and was not going to oblige.  Like hell, he would beg to the likes of him. He continued to struggle; however, his member ached, tediously growing hot. To him it was like torture, sinister.  Just a touch from the war prince set him off and he hated it.

It was not his voice or presence, that fucking touch.  His body was growing hot now, and yearned for more. His face flushed, as he grew harder, heavy.

Homura stood back and observed, “All it takes, Konzen, is a little begging and the pain will stop,” he said, grinning.

“Fuck off!” Sanzo snapped as he continued to struggle. Begging was not in his vocabulary.  Homura would rue this day and he would make sure of it.

A chuckle passed the war prince’s lips, “Feisty.”

He continued to struggle, but to no avail. He could not break the chains that bound him.

Panting heavily, now, body warm, he slumped back.  There was a sense of defeat and the fact he throbbed like hell did not help. Homura approached once more, “Do you want it, Konzen? I can ease all of your suffering in one single stroke.”

He whispered, promising as he took Sanzo’s chin in his hand.

Sanzo was tempted to look away and bit his lip. “You can’t resist me, and you know it.” Homura reminded as he captured the other man’s lips.  Sanzo gasped, moaning as the war prince’s tongue slipped into his mouth.

He swallowed nervously, though his body forced him to return the kiss. Violet eyes fluttering as he suckled on Homura’s tongue. Homura smirked as he pressed his hips and chest against him. Experimenting to see how he would react.

Sanzo groaned in response and pressed against him responsively, his throbbing member begging.  Homura smiled darkly at the response, apparently his experiment worked. However, it would be better if he could hear, Konzen himself ask for it.

He broke the kiss briefly: leaning down to unzip Sanzo’s pants and pulled them down, “Tell me, Konzen, what say you?” he whispered, fingers curling around the swollen member.

“Bite me.” Sanzo hissed, though perhaps that was the wrong thing to say.

“Bit me… you say?” Homura smirked at that.

“If that is what you wish.”

He said, half-jokingly, as he gave Sanzo’s member a gentle squeeze allowing some excess cum to seep out before mouthing at the tip.  Sanzo groaned, arching up into the mouthing. Homura took him into his mouth then, and suckled on the tip.

A surprised gasp escaped Sanzo’s lips as he thrust lightly into Homura’s mouth, pleadingly. He wanted to be relieved of this burden.
Homura took him in deeper, suckling harder, fingers pumped him faster. A sneer curved his lips as he did so.

“Hom…ura…” Sanzo groaned, softly, spreading his legs as he leaned into the suckling. He began to feel the alleviation.

Before the blonde-priest could cum, Homura pulled away, letting him cum on his own. Sanzo panted with labored breaths. At least that took care of that.

“You’re beautiful, Konzen: when your cheeks are flushed.” Homura whispered as he leaned forward to kiss the other. Sanzo sighed, too tired to fight now.  


From: yaoilover18
2007-04-07 02:57 pm (UTC)

your fic

Beautiful!, please write more!, I'm going crazy if I don't now how it end.
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